Business Registration Process in Cangkringan, DIY, Indonesia

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Starting a business in Indonesia, including in the Cangkringan, DIY area, involves several steps:

  1. Establishment of Deed of Establishment: The first step is to create your company’s Deed of Establishment with the help of a registered public notary after you have chosen and obtained approval for your company’s name. The Deed of Establishment should contain information such as the company’s name, domicile, business objectives, capital, value and number of shares, a minimum of 2 shareholders, a minimum of 1 director & 1 commissioner, duties and responsibilities of directors & commissioners, location of shareholder meetings, how to conduct shareholder meetings, procedures for distribution and use of dividends and company profits.
  2. Registration of Company Number and Licenses: Next, to register the company number and relevant licenses, you must provide the Deed of Establishment, approval from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (“Kemenkumham”) and identity documents of all shareholders, directors & commissioners. If the shareholder is a company, you must provide the Deed of Establishment, Kemenkumham approval, with all changes (if any) from the corporate shareholder and all business licenses.
  3. Registration of Basic Capital: According to BKPM guidelines, PMA companies must register a minimum basic capital of not less than IDR10,000,000,000 / – with 25% of the basic capital as a minimum paid-up capital. There are two alternative ways to show the authorities the existence of minimum paid-up capital: Provide a Capital Statement Letter stating that the shareholders have sufficient funds to inject capital after establishment; or Provide proof of fund transfer from the shareholder’s bank account to the company’s bank account.
  4. Registration of NPWP: NPWP (Taxpayer Identification Number) is required to obtain other business licenses, open a bank account, and fulfill tax obligations.
  5. Obtaining NIB: NIB (Business Identification Number) is required for the company to immediately conduct business activities.

In the context of the Cangkringan, DIY area, you may need to coordinate with the local government to ensure that you comply with all local regulations and requirements. For example, you may need to obtain permission from the local government for certain types of businesses or for your business location.

Hopefully, this information is useful to you. If you want to know more about the business registration process in Indonesia, you can visit the official websites of the Indonesian government and local authorities. Always consult with a legal or professional advisor before making important business decisions.

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